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Dr. McBabe’s treadmill desk is a portable (34″Wx16″D) option that will transform most treadmills into functional work space. Please be sure to measure your treadmill to make sure the desk will fit properly. The desk is designed thin to allow vibrations to dissipate without causing additional jostling; this is not a defect. The desk may bow slightly in the middle when weight is added; this is not a defect and was allowed purposefully after testing thicker designs. Likewise, the desk will last many years supporting a large laptop and even a metal stand (total 20+ lbs). Dr. McBabe’s treadmill desk is contoured to the treadmill and walker. The handles on the outer edges are useful for carrying the desk; and align with the handlebars of the treadmill and the hook-and-loop straps are fed through to secure the desk to the treadmill. The surface is reversible; and because it is easily removed, the desk can be used as a writing surface in a chair because it is wide enough to rest on the arms of a chair. The no-slip rubber surface helps prevent items from sliding off as a result of vibrations. For users 5’9″ and taller,we suggest you try a stand to lift your laptop to the appropriate height for typing and viewing. The desk is thin by design. It is not solidly rigid to allow vibrations to dissipate. it will bow slightly in the middle and yet will NOT break except under extreme pressure. This thin design was tested vs a thicker and rigid design and was chosen on purpose. The thickness is NOT A defect nor does it indicate the desk does not serve the expected function.

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