Used TR1200-DT3 LifeSpan Under-Desk Walking Treadmill Excellent Condition


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This is a LifeStyle TR1200-DT3 Under-desk Walking Treadmill and Controller. I purchased it in January, 2014 for $1059 from Amazon. I used it inconsistently until the Spring of 2018. It is like new, but of course it isn’t. It has wheels on the front that allow one to pick up the rear of the treadmill and push it under the desk. It is meant to be used with a stand-up desk, many types of which are available. (I had one that I plan to sell separately if I can find it. I think it got packed. I didn’t like it anyhow, and what is available now is much better than was available just 4 years ago.) Walking treadmills are designed to be used for long periods at walking speeds, as opposed to a running treadmill that supposedly would not be as satisfactory if used for walking for hours on in. The controller plugs in to the treadmill, and sits on the standup desk. It has a clip that can be clipped to the walker. If the walker gets off the machine unexpectedly (falls, collapses, etc.), the clip pulls loose from the controller and shuts down the treadmill immediately, for safety. If the walker jumps off and runs to the bathroom or the like, the treadmill will slowly stop. The controller tracks the calories expended, steps taken, distance covered, time spent, walking speed, and weight, The order from Amazon in 2014 says I ordered and they shipped a TR1200-DT3. The model number listed on the tag (pictured) is TR1200B. I don’t understand the discrepancy, When I search for TR1200B, Google shows TR1200-DT3’s; so they must be the same thing.. We are downsizing and moving to a smaller place. I would love to keep it if I could find room in our new place for it, but ….

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